My modelling photography portfolio

In this section I explore a fun, creative, and sometimes weirder side of photography. Working with other human beings to create evocative imagery across many genres, these shoots are as fun to create and shoot as they are to publish afterwards.

However take note: in this portfolio I do have some images that are not family- or work-safe with adult themes. Shot for fun and artistic merit, these images nonetheless include some nudity or sexualisation, exploration of darker and horror styles, and further adult themes.
All images are legal in the UK, consensually taken and published, and within the terms of service of their respective webhosts.

If you should not, or do not want to view photographs of this nature, don't click through - go back

For those that do want to see this portfolio - this was your warning!

For example, if this is your cup of tea, do continue.
If not, there is plenty to see in the rest of my photography.

My most up to date portfolio is kept on Instagram as ModelFlux.

Further to Instagram, a few further images and uncensored version can be found on my own website.

Although not active in some time, I do have an account on Purpleport as LightBrigade.

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