About this site

This site is my homepage, with references out to the rest of my presence on the big bad internet. The site's not big or complicated, and it is run on as low-cost basis as possible without using any ad-supported services.

Hopefully you find this interesting or useful. If you are trying to set up something similar and need assistance, I can offer advice or paid technical consultancy, contact me for information.

Networking services:

▶  Domain is registered through IONOS (paid).

▶  DNS is hosted by ZoneEdit (free).

▶  SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt (free).

The server:

▶  This is hosted from my home internet connection with a dynamic, but usually stable, public IP v4 address. Port 80 is mapped through the router to the server.

▶  The server is a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB RAM) that I already use as a Pi-Hole ad-blocker at home (highly recommended!). Therefore with lighttpd already running for the Pi-Hole, I added configuration to host bjtm.co.uk statically alongside (using a handful of guides and Q&A online). I could run a second instance or second web server entirely, and mess about with mapping ports across, but it works.

My site:

▶  This website is all hand-crafted artisan HTML using VSCode. My first website (since lost into the mists of time) was entirely written in Notepad (it had frames and marquees and the 1990s were a real UX trip). So I've stuck with what I know, given there are only three pages here.

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